Monday, September 22, 2008

Have you ever been in a situation where someone was drinking and took the wheel?

If you where in a situation where your driver was intoxicated under the influence of alcohol or drugs? Interviews and stories I have read were talking about a driver who took the wheel under the influence with out telling his son he had been drinking. Luckily this was in middle of no where in New-Brunswick. His father was only driving because he had to bring back his buddies car.

Researches done asking around to peoples in the streets of Canada what where peoples opinions on people who drink and drive, 90% said it was bad, that if you couldn’t resist to not drink if your going to be driving after, to give your keys to one of your friends . A normal human being shouldn’t drive after one –to two drinks depending on what he/ she has been drinking.

Back to the story the father who was driving was driving fine at first until he started speeding up because he was running late, but that was only until his eyes started being heavy and blurry and started swerving to both sides of the road, that’s when the boy noticed his dad wasn’t alright to drive, so he suggested to his father to pull over and to call a taxi, but his father to look tough said oh no we will be fine, but right after saying that he crashed into a ditch and totaled his buddies car.

So ask yourself , was it worth drinking and driving? How do you feel about yourself now? Is it really worth losing your license or even going to jail because you have a child in the car? Or even to risk other peoples life’s that could be driving, or walking in the streets when your drunk driving?

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